Nurse First

UX/UI Design
Laura Arias
Laura Arias


Nurse First is an app that helps Registered Nurses access information they need, such a medical journal articles, conferences, and workshops based on their specialty and sub-specialty. The app is also a tool to keep nurses organized by allowing them to plan short-term and long-term goals.


Registered Nurses make up the largest health care profession in California. With an overwhelming amount of specializations, as well as new practices and technology being introduced on a regular basis, it is tough for a nurse to have easy access to information they need without drowning in excess of information on the internet.


Nurse First is an app that helps filter and prioritize information based on the specialty and sub-specialty selected by the nurse. The app allows nurses to keep their competitive edge and expand their knowledge in a way that is convenient and easy.

Target Market

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Registered Nurses in the Bay Area

Registered Nurses treat patients, provide support to families of patients, and educate both patients and the public about medical conditions. RNs are responsible for tracking patient histories, conducting diagnostic tests and analyzing results, operating medical technologies, administering medication, and generally assisting in the care and rehabilitation of patients. Other specific responsibilities will depend on the work setting and whether or not the RN has received training in a specialty area.

The introduction website gives you a brief explanation of what the app is about and shows you a promotional video. Here you can get the link texted to your phone so you can download the app.

During the sign up process the user will select their specialty. They will also select what they are most interested in researching about.

The user will see the categories on the Home Page based on what they selected in the sign up process. The Calendar and the To Do List will be available as default.

To help the user stay organized, the app provides a calendar where all events and items added to the To Do List will be found. Each category will have its own color to help the user differentiate between them.

Through Nurse First the user will be able to have a list for short-term and long-term plans.

Based on what the user selects during the sign up process, the user will receive information that is related to their specialty. Here we see the example of journals that are targeted to pediatric nurses. Here the user will have a brief synopsis of what the articles are about and they can download, save it as favorite, or e-mail it. This same action can be used for conferences, workshops, and training classes.

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