Laura Arias
Karen Wu, Jimmy Chan


Netflix is an internet streaming company that provides popular television shows and movies including original series, documentaries, and feature lms. With over 86 million users in over 190 countries, it is important to keep the competitive edge and become more innovative with time.


With new competitors on the market, Netflix has been falling behind and some users are no longer seeing Netflix as their primary option.


Make each Netflix account more personalized for the user and add a social media aspect for the users to interact with one another.


Conducted three interviews on Netflix users. Through the research, I wanted to find out if Netflix meets the Jakob Nowell’s 10 usability heuristics and identify new opportunities.


The selection doesn’t appear to be up-to-date and it is missing consistency between the different countries. All the users had a specific type of genre that they like to watch and some of the users found it difficult to view all options for the genre they liked.

Opportunities Identified

  1. Add interactive experience to allow the user to add Facebook friends and view what shows or movies their friends like and be able to share what they like.
  2. Give the opportunity to chat with friends about the shows they may be watching together.
  3. Save the user some time by allowing them to personalize their homepage.

Proposed User Flow

User Testing

Conducted usability test to see users reactions to the new design and user flow.


Received positive feedback on the design. The users were excited about being able to modify their homepage as they wished. They found the social interaction with friends to be a great addition to the service Netflix provides.

A few iterations were made to the overall design to create a better flow.

Final Design

Facebook has been added as an option to sign in. By signing in with your account, Facebook automatically links your friends to your Netflix account.

Creating a profile is quick and simple by not having to navigate to different pages when completing a step.

View genre options and click on the ones that you would like to have on your home page.

See friends that have been linked by Facebook or search and add friends.

Browse friend suggestions and add their shows or movies to your queue if interested. Your queue will also be on your Home Page.

Your home page is now personalized with your favorite genres. Here you will also find a way to chat with your friends.