In Great Balance

UX/UI Design
Laura Arias
Laura Arias


In Great Balance is a nutritional app that helps you eat what you like by creating a balance of food intake and easy exercises that can be done on a daily basis taking away unnecessary hassles and stress from your day.


I conducted an interview with the intentions of finding a product opportunity based on a person’s need. After completing the interview, it was brought to my attention the struggle with eating what you like due to feeling guilty about gaining weight.
Many people find it difficult to set time aside to workout or attend excercising classes. Others have many restrictions regarding what food they can eat making dieting challenging.


In Great Balance helps you calculate food intake and exercise done each day. The goal is to help the user have better understanding of how many calories versus how much exersice is needed to maintan a healthy and fit lifestyle. Knowing that this is an overwhelming and difficult process to adapt to, the app also provides suggestions to help you keep going. The user will know what is expected of them for the rest of the day and how they can get started tomorrow.

Target Market

la_girl la_boy
M/F, Age 25-35, skilled, single, working-class

This target market lives in a very fast paced environment where there is barely any time to waste.

They rely heavely on technology. They are the heaviest app users in the U.S.

This is an age where nutrition becomes a more “relevent” concern.

Once logged in, you see a brief summary of how your day is going so far. The goal to help you keep in balanced is showcased here.

Here is where you personalized the app. By telling the app your weight goal, food preferences, and restrictions, it allows the app to come up with suggestions that will work for you making the balance much easier to obtain.

When adding food or exercise you have the option of searching or going based on what you saved. For food, you can also take a picture of the bar code and the app will add the item to your list.

Today’s page has all the items added and on the next page you see the calculation of calories gained and burned throughout the day. For more detail, you will also see how much fat, protein, and carbs you have consumed so far.

DAfter getting your calculation results, the app comes up with suggestions of easy exercises, meals, and snacks that will help you stay within your goal.
You will also get suggestions on how to start your next morning the right way.

A calendar has been added for you to check your history and see what has been done in the past regarding food intake, exercises and suggestions.

People respond very well to visual stats. For this reason, I incorporated a progress page to show you the weeks or the month’s progress. The idea is to motivate the user to continue with their personal goal.

The menu is the main navigator between all pages.