Landing Page Analysis
Laura Arias


Research latest trend on landing pages and conduct a competitive analysis to understand how other companies are implementing them.

Wishpond 6 Sign Up Tips for your landing page design:

Encapsulate your sign up form within a box.

Draw attention to your entry form with the brightly-colored CTA button.

Use a vertical or horizontal line to separate your sign up form from the rest of the page.

Include an action-oriented headline above your form fields (like ‘Get Your Trial Started’, or ‘Start Learning Now’)

Contrast the color of your entry form box with the page around it.

A/B Test including a short descriptive sentence describing what happens when they click your CTA.

Media Cause Blog Suggests

The page should have a highly simplified and modern design.

Utilize color, imagery, and/or icons to convey concepts when possible.

Minimize the number of form fields to increase the likelihood of sign up.

Use your target keyword and most importantly have a clear call to action.


After reading the latest trends and seeing how companies such as Salesforce, IBM, MOZ, and others used them on their landing pages for gated content, suggestions were made regarding ways AppDirect could implement them and used them by staying original and on brand. Wireframes were created to give visual to the recommendations.


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